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The Community Protection Approach (CPA) is a rights-based and data driven community empowerment and engagement process used to design multi-sector protection programs and shape the humanitarian and policy context towards ensuring more integrated, holistic, comprehensive and impartial responses to the protection-sensitive needs of the Lebanese communities.

The CPA web platform is a tool for collecting data from numerous communities spread across Lebanon, allowing the evaluation of social, healthcare, legal and humanitarian needs and requests of those communities; through this platform, the collected data is organized and presented in structured charts and graphs, and the request from communities and individuals are assessed and potentially addressed with a Protection Response Plan.

Gnucoop contributed to enhance the CPA web platform, developing many User Experience and technical improvements for a better and more efficient usability:

  • Increased responsiveness for usage on mobile devices
  • Data exchange optimizations for a faster and better performance
  • User Interface improvements and redesign for an easier and clearer user experience
  • Enhanced data filtering functionalities
  • Added offline features and data storage, allowing the usage of the web platform data handling and data collection in absence of connectivity

  • Partners:WeWorld GVC
  • Location:CPA Community Approach site
  • Tecnologia:php laravel + NodeJS + Dino
  • Durata progetto:12 Mesi
  • Stato progetto:Concluso
  • Link al progetto:CPA Initiative